Guide: How to Road Trip with your Cat

Currently I’m laying in bed writing this post as Robin sleeps on my chest after our hike today. I know there are lots of cat lovers out there that would love to include your feline companions on your adventures but think that there’s no way! Well there totally is!

It didn’t just happen without any effort.It takes patience. After an 8 day road trip with Robin from California to Virginia I’ve learned some things. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your kitty happy on the road.


img_6640Robin checking out Joshua Tree National Park


Prep your Kitty

Before you even take your cat out of the house please make sure they have an ID tag and/or are at least chipped. Tragically it happens all too often where a pet owner isn’t expecting their cat or dog to get loose or become lost. The last thing you want is to have to drive away without them!

Don’t just throw kitty into the car the day of departure for the first and expect everything to go smoothly. Start out by going on short trips with kitty around the block or to pick up food (30 min or less). It’s important to have a transition stage. This also allows kitty to get used to the sights and sounds and this will also allow you to see how kitty will react. Is kitty stressed, sick, curious, or relaxed? All of these reactions are normal and your next step will depend on how kitty feels about this. Feel free to give Kitty treats during the trip for positive reinforcement.

NOTE: If your cat is prone to having motion sickness and becomes nauseous during your trip don’t panic, but return home immediately. You want to avoid too much unpleasantness associated with your car. Your cat may require medication to be transported for long periods of time. Speak to your vet about options.


Hiking through Sequoia National Park

Prep your Car:

Once you have gotten to a point where kitty is comfortable with riding around with you in the car you’ll need to get the car set up.

You will need:
– Food & Water
-Kitty’s favorite toy
-A comfortable place for kitty to sleep

Extra: You may consider making the litter box available depending on the length of your trip. Most cats need to use the litter box at least every eight hours.


What do you see up there??


Give Kitty Breaks:

If leash trained you should make an effort to go on a walk or hike everyday throughout your trip. Just like you, kitty may grow restless of sitting in the same place after an entire day of driving. Both of you will appreciate a chance to stretch your legs.


Confirm you Accommodations:

Along your trip you may be staying at hotels, AirBNB’s or you may be camping. Either way always check with your accommodations to make sure they are pet friendly! The last thing you want at the end of long day is to find out you have to find somewhere else for you and kitty to sleep.


Looking out over Petrified Forest National Park

Have Fun!

And of course don’t forget to have fun! You and your cat are sharing a unique experience a lot of people don’t get to have. Take lots of photos and drive safe!

2 thoughts on “Guide: How to Road Trip with your Cat

  1. Best post about kitty traveling I’ve ever seen! 😉 Robin is also the cutest travel kitty I’ve ever met! ♡♡ I love her!


  2. Best post about kitty traveling I’ve ever seen! 😉 Robin is also the cutest travel kitty I’ve ever met! ♡♡ I love her!


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